Video Conferencing Solution Features That Will Make Your Conference Effective

Room-based Video Conferencing System is one of the latest technologies used in the arena of telecommunication. A widely used room-based video conferencing system, telepresence video conferencing uses technologies that enable participants to feel like they are actually present in a real room, even from a distant, non-accommodated physical location. In this kind of video conferencing, both audio and visual connections are employing using cameras and monitors positioned around conference tables, thus giving the feeling of... well, you get the idea. Teleconferencing is also useful for business meetings and for conducting training sessions for different kinds of businesses and organizations.

With the help of the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment, video conferencing systems are now being set up at remote locations, where the participants are able to communicate with each other using high-quality audio and video connections. A modern room-based video conferencing system features one or more of the following essential components: Video telephones with built-in microphones, Digital video recorders or DVRs with built-in DVD or VCR players, Video surveillance cameras, Laptop computers with Internet connections, Telephone line or mobile phone connections with hands-free kit, Computer software, Network connectivity options, Computer display and audio output/output devices, Garage space, Telephone sets and headsets, Garage stools and work benches, Power outlets, Placement of computers and telephones, Telephone headsets, Computer software for remote control and software for text messaging, Network hardware with Ethernet, power supply and software. Video conferenced services also include conference room services, where conference rooms are set up to serve the purpose of video conferencing. The conference room can be equipped with standard or high-quality conferencing technology for easy connection and successful conference proceedings. For more facts about IT services, visit this website at

For it support UAE software with a feature of allowing only certain people to attend the session, it may be referred to as conference calling. In this case, the participants have to dial in with their phone numbers to reach the host. Video conferenced services provided by some companies allow all the participants to join the conference call at the same time. These video conferencing software are mostly based on the technologies of the major browsers, including Yahoo, Google, Microsoft and Lavasan.

As far as the role of the network administrator is concerned, it is very important in a video conference setup. He has to ensure that enough bandwidth is offered to all the participants of the call. Bandwidth usage is controlled through the 'traffic analysis' function offered by most good Cisco web equipment. This function takes the total amount of data being passed over the Cisco device and checks the rate at which it is being transmitted. Based on this information, the bandwidth usage can be planned out for the entire conference. The advantages of this feature include a reduction of expenses on long distance travel for meetings, easy collaboration among the participants, and reduced need for setting up additional telephones for the conference call.

Video conferenced systems are often integrated with other features such as advanced collaboration tools like whiteboards, document readers, slide viewers, digital cameras, and microphones. It is possible to make use of these functionalities for accounting purposes, real-time audio and video conference messaging, sharing presentations and documents with other employees, and conducting training sessions with the outside world. Besides, it is also possible to connect a PC to the Net without the need for a router, or to access a remotely hosted service through an IDP or VPN. This makes the system quite flexible and allows businesses to rapidly expand their collaboration capabilities.

For businesses working in different time zones, FORTINET Firewall video conferencing solution must have global reach because time zones would prevent them from connecting to each other if the system does not have global capabilities. Video Conferencing Systems often integrates with business email systems for better management and security. A good Video Conferencing System must also allow collaboration with other users of the same company over the Internet or a common network and should have a rich set of tools for document and image sharing, collaborative application sharing, whiteboarding, and text chatting. In short, a good Video Conferencing Solution must allow users to access each other's desktop, access each other's email, share files with each other, and participate in virtual discussions with each other.

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